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About 15 Days of Prayer

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective (James 5:16).

316NOW invites you to join us and thousands of other fellow Christians in powerful and effective prayer for the gospel’s blessings to flow over all 1.4 billion souls in China.  Officially only 5% are believers.

An ideal time for prayer

China’s New Year and Spring Festival celebrations are an ideal time for Christians to focus their prayers on that country. 

This is the most important of China’s national holidays.  The celebration is marked with parties, with traveling, and with family gatherings.  Essential are gift giving and commitments to new beginnings.  In 2019 that festival takes place between February 5-19 (15 days).

Pray for the gospel's spread in China

This is the time for us to pray for the spiritual life of multiple millions in China.  More believers there will set off eternal celebrations in heaven and cause new spiritual beginnings to happen across that nation. That’s the purpose of the Fifteen Days of Prayer effort. 

Use the Chinese New Year and Spring Festival to pray for the Christians in China and for the Spirit to reach hundreds of millions more souls there. Our prayers have our Father’s promise that he will hear and act on them. 

316NOW's 15 Days of Prayer program will make an eternal difference for millions of souls.  

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15 Days of Prayer  in your church, Sunday school, elementary school, or church group.

Prior to the Chinese New Year

  • Print 316NOW’s posters and place them in high-traffic areas. Tap here for posters.

  • Publish the bulletin and newsletter blurbs. Tap here for blurbs.

  • Consider inviting a speaker from 316NOW or a sister group that is working in China. Email 316NOW at

  • Provide copies of our prayer guide to your school and church. Tap here for prayer guides.

On the days prior to Chinese New Year

During the New Year/Spring Festival celebration

  • Include prayers for the gospel’s spread in China in your worship services, Bible studies, and classrooms. Tap here for prayer guides.

  • Encourage your school and church to use 316NOW’s prayer guide. Print and distribute copies of the guides. Mention the guides when members gather for worship, Bible studies, and other activities. Use the guide during classroom devotion time.

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