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China Retricts Nonprofits

China Retricts Nonprofits

     Western governments and foreign non-profit groups are pressuring China to revise a proposed law to oversee the work of non-governmental organizations (NGO or non-profit organization). Western governments claim the law would severely restrict the activities of aid and business groups and universities. 

     Sources told Reuters last year that a crackdown on NGOs has forced hundreds of Christian missionaries out of China, most by having their visas refused.

     One Korean-American missionary who was arrested last year ran a non-profit school near the border with North Korea.  His case sparked outcry from international Christian groups.  The missionary, Peter Hahn, had said authorities targeted him because of his Christian faith and because of the small vocational school he ran.  He was released from prison after serving a nine month sentence and slightly ahead of the visit by Chinese President Xi Jinping to the United States in late September 2015.