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Beaten and Angry

Beaten and Angry

I met Kong at a lunch with a dozen other Chinese Christians.  

"Five years ago," he told me, "my company cheated me out of $5000.  I went through the appeals process, but the company executives would not acknowledge they owed me anything."

Each year since that, Kong has presented his grievance to his company.  Each year deaf ears listen to his appeal .

A hateful tactic

"This year the leaders of my company wanted to  make sure that they wouldn't have to listen to me.  They hired four thugs to beat me up.  When I came to the company headquarters to present my case, the men were waiting for me.  They pummeled me until I fell to the ground.  Then they kicked me, aiming for my stomach and head.  When they were done I had internal injuries and a broken eye socket. I was rushed to the hospital."

The police became involved.  They pressured Kong's employers to cover his hospital bills.  But the company would still not acknowledge they owed Kong any money.  "Now I have an attorney who will represent me in court," Kong said.

"Pray for me"

"I'd like you to pray for me," he continued.  "I don't think I can commit to follow Jesus.  For one thing I am very angry with the company leaders who would do this to me.  But I am also angry with Jesus because he didn't save me from this."  At that Kong glanced at his watch. "I'm sorry.," he said.  "I have to leave for work."  Then he was gone.

Fortunately, Kong has a church family that will continue to gather around him, loving him in Jesus' place and reminding him that the Savior who went to the cross in his place is unchangeably and eternally  in love with him.  

Pray for Kong

But you and I can help Kong, too.  Even from halfway around the globe.  We can pray for Kong, just like he asked.  And while we do that, we can include the millions of people like Kong whose tragic circumstances Satan uses to drive a wedge between them and Jesus.  Why don't you begin that prayer right now?