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China and US are learning to communicate

China and US are learning to communicate

    On December 1, 2015, China and the United States pledged to manage differences and sensitive issues in a constructive manner on Monday, in addition to commitment to a climate change agreement at the international talks in Paris.
    Observers said the world's two largest economies are setting maintenance of a sustainable relationship as the bottom line when their core interests conflict.

Managing differences
    President Xi Jinping, speaking during a meeting with US President Barack Obama on the sidelines of the two-week UN climate conference in Paris, said that mounting global concerns have made relations between China and the US more important, and that the steady growth of the relations is important.
    “Since my visit (to the US), our two teams have been working very hard to make new progress in China-US relations,” Xi said.  "It's important to manage our differences and sensitive issues in a constructive way toward a sustained, healthy and steady growth of our relations.”

Candid discussion
    Obama acknowledged the established communication channels between the two countries and called for close cooperation on promoting the global economy and managing conflicts and hot spots around the world. The US and China have developed a “candid way of discussing these issues,” he said.
    Obama said that nowhere had the coordination with Beijing been more important or fruitful than on climate change. He credited the US and China with leading 180 nations to make their own pledges to curb emissions in the run-up to the Paris talks.

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