Grace across China NOW

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A note from an American teacher

A note from an American teacher

316NOW has a faculty of about 30 pastors, teachers, and lay people who lead Bible studies each week for Christian leaders in China.  Some of our faculty members have traveled to China for 316NOW and led workshops for these leaders. One of our faculty members shared this:


I have so many good memories of being in China.  But they are not of sightseeing.  My memories are of being with God's people in another culture.  My memories are of people I served, but even more, people who served me in their humble, Christ-like way.  My memories are of Christian people eager to learn God’s Word and to grow in faith. 

I also have such good memories of the faithful 316NOW teachers with whom I was privileged to travel.  Each one sought, to the best of their ability, to guide our Chinese students closer to the Savior.

These memories and those of all the students I met in China still thrill me.  And I keep collecting memories. Week after week I lift up my heart in praise to God for the privilege to teach our Bible study classes online.