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Christmas in China

Christmas in China

    What's the Christmas celebration like in your church? Advent and Christmas candles?   Silent Night sung in German?  A service led by children?  A midnight-by-candle-light service?  Every church celebrates Christmas Eve and Christmas Day in its own unique way.   
    What does a Christmas worship celebration look like in China?  Just like here, every Christian church in China celebrates the Savior’s birth a little differently. But a Chinese friend  described for me  what happens in her church.  She wrote:

    Most churches spend a week to celebrate the birth of Jesus.  For example, they may hold prayer meetings during the days leading up to Christmas.  The small group Bible studies gather together for their own parties with singing, dancing, and giving gifts. 

Christmas Eve

    On Christmas Eve churches hold “parties” where Christians in groups or individually will sing, dance, present short plays, or read their poetry.  Many people will attend, both Christians and non-Christians they invite.
    Many Christmas Eve celebrations are lit by candles.  At the beginning of the service, some Christians, holding candles, will slowly walk into the darkened church hall. They light still more candles until light fills the hall.

Christmas Day
    On Christmas day, our churches have services similar to a normal Sunday service. Our pastor preaches a sermon. We sing Christmas songs.  And groups from the congregation may present dances and songs to worship Jesus.  My church gives presents to people and sometimes there is a dinner party at noon.   For some churches the celebration finishes after the meal; for others another celebration takes place in the afternoon.

Video:  For a look at Christmas celebrations in several Chinese churches, check out video 1,  video 2,  video 3, video 4.