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A Transformed Life: Fohsing

A Transformed Life: Fohsing

Fohsing had lived a rough life.  The evidence was written into his deeply creviced face and on his worn, wiry body.  

Once lost

He spoke about his decades-long love affair with alcohol, his destroyed relationships with wife and children, his inability to hold down a job, and his time living on the garbage-strewn  streets of his city.  

His story seemed to echo from a chasm of regret, shame, and guilt.  “My children still won’t have anything to do with me,” he mumbled as he spoke into his chest.

Now found

He took a deep breath.  Tears formed in his eyes. But those riverlets on his cheeks were not because he continued to recall the shredded waste he has made of most of his life.  The tears came as he spoke about the difference God’s grace had made over his last decade.

When he was in his mid-40s and in desperate need of a job, he was hired to do handyman work at a house in his neighborhood.  “I didn’t realize that a Christian church met in his house,” he said.  “I met a group of women there who were working very hard.  I thought highly of that.  I heard singing that I liked.  I also saw a quotation written on the wall that touched me.  I thought, ‘This is very good.’  I later found out it was a verse from the Bible.   I asked the homeowner, ‘Can I become part of your group.’  The man said, ‘We invite people who know Christ all the time to come to our church but they don't; you come without knowing Christ at all.’”

Through many trials

That was the start of Fohsing’s love affair with Jesus.  A love affair made all the sweeter because Jesus not only forgave his sins, but empowered him to overcome his addiction to alcohol and tobacco.  Reflecting on his early relationship with Jesus, he said, “I thought, if someone can help me stop smoking and drinking, he must be great.”

Fohsing is now an a valued leader in his congregation.  He used an entire week of his time to attend a Bible seminar 316NOW offered in his city.  But he was not there only to improve his ministry to his church. He said, “I want to learn how to better share my Savior with my children.  None of them are Christians.”

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Photo:  Thanks to Dong Zhou, used by permission,

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