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Healed to Help: Brother Shin

Healed to Help: Brother Shin

I met Brother Shin (not his real name) at a conference where I was a presenter. He spoke to me about his introduction to Christianity.  

Healed from asthma

“When I was a child I had a severe case of asthma.  My mother took me to every doctor she could find but no one was able to help.  Then our neighbor, who was a Christian, suggested, ‘Why don’t you give your son to Jesus?’  My mother replied, ‘I don’t know who Jesus is, but if he will help, I’ll give him my son.’”  

Shin continued, “That began our weekly journey to attend worship at a church nearly 20 miles away.  The bus trip only cost a nickel, but that was more money than we had.  Because the asthma limited my mobility, my mother put me in a wheel barrow and pushed me all the way to worship.  There we fell in love with Jesus.  Then the miracle. Jesus healed me.  I knew I wanted to serve him the rest of my life.”

Ministry challenges

Shin has a full time position somewhat similar to a staff minister. He has pastoral responsibility for three small groups of Christians.  He admitted ministry frustrations sometimes prompt him to think about returning to work in a local mill.  Part of his frustration flows from not having orthodox church leaders in his area.

316NOW assists

316NOW seeks to stand next to Christians leaders like Shin.  We supplement the limited pastor training of many Christian leaders. We send teaching teams to China in the spring and fall to provide face-to-face training.  Year around training is offered through online classes where sound doctrine and solid pastoral practice are taught.  

What is more, our team of volunteer professors do more than teach. We develop personal relationships with these Christian leaders in order to better encourage and mentor them.  Of course, we hold these believers before our Father’s throne in prayer.

On the frontline

Christians like Shin are on the front line of disciple making in China.  Through them other Christians grow in their faith.  Through them Christians are emboldened to share their faith.  Through them souls who are tossed on the sea of life discover God’s grace is offering them safe harbor in Jesus’ arms.


You can be part of 316NOW’s ministry of standing next to Christian leaders in China.  Pray for Brother Shin and the hundreds of other students who attend our Bible institute.  Give a gift so this ministry continues.  

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