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More than teaching

More than teaching

It isn’t just teaching that happens during our online Bible studies.

Often students come with the heartache of ministry situations that have gone sour.  They will ask advice for dealing with counseling cases.  And, sometimes, our students are the ones in need of counseling.

Heartache for lack of the gospel

One of our teachers told me, “This morning a student talked to me after class for an hour, almost without break.  She described how her life was broken down after going to church and hearing her pastor’s sermon.   His message had none of the sweetness of the gospel but only the demands and dread of the law.”

Our teacher listened patiently to be sure the student was understood.  

Gospel comfort and peace

“After she was done talking,” the teacher continued, “I gently reminded her of how much God loves her, the sacrifice his Son made for her.  And I prayed with her.  I asked for God's gospel comfort and healing to flood her life.”

“I feel sad that this Christian has been suffering in such a pain after knowing Jesus Christ.  The law, not the gospel, dominates in her life.  But she keeps coming to our classes to learn from God’s Word.  I look forward to the day when she will fully know the truth of God’s grace and that truth will set her free.”  


You can be part of 316NOW’s ministry of standing next to Christian leaders in China.  Pray for the Christians in China who are confused about how thoroughly God loves them.  And support our Bible institute with a gift today.  

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