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Reaching far away Tibet: Yu

Reaching far away Tibet: Yu

Tibet.  It’s called the rooftop of the world.

Towering mountains, climaxed by Mount Everest, scrape the sky above Tibet.  They overshadow deep valleys.   They conjure severe weather.  They straddle tenuous fault line in the earth’s crust and sometimes quake as those fault lines move.


Tibet contains some of the most remote, inaccessible areas on the planet.  

Tibet is home to students of our online Bible institute.

Reachable online

It could take a teacher days of exhausting travel to reach them.  But through the internet our teachers can reach Tibetan students while settled in to the comfort to their office chairs.

One of our Bible Institute students who lives in Tibet, we’ll call her Yu, has described how the church in her remote area has had trouble attracting a pastor who will serve there for any length of time.  For this church the training she received through our Bible institute has been a remarkable blessing.  Yu is sharing in her church all she has been learning in our online courses.  That’s not a replacement for a full time, Bible-believing shepherd, but it is a way the Spirit is caring for those souls while they wait for a pastor. 

Reachable by prayer

Join us as we combine our prayers with Yu’s that the Spirit would soon grant this church a godly shepherd.   In fact, join in our prayers for Bible-believing, grace-loving shepherds through out China.  


Beyond praying for godly pastors in China, you can have a hand in making that happen.  Suport  316NOW’s ministry of standing next to Christian leaders in China.  Help us train more pastors, staff ministers, and lay people in the Scriptures so they can better strengthen believers and reach those who are not yet believers. 

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