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Room in the Inn: Chyou

Room in the Inn: Chyou

"My grandmother is a Christian," Chyou began.  "But my mother wasn't.  At least not while I was growing up. When I was a child, Grandmother spoke to me about Jesus, but I didn't pay any attention.  I had too many other things that interested me."

That changed as she entered early adulthood. 

Hotel manager

Chyou is an attractive 23 year old.  She is unmarried and more focused on her new career than finding a husband.  She recently graduated with a degree in hotel management.  

Jesus is also in sharp focus in her life.  The Spirit blessed her grandmother's patient prayer and witness when he brought Chyou to faith about a year ago.  She belongs to a Christian congregation in a huge Chinese city.  She worships there regulary.  She is seeking ways to serve in her God's kingdom.

I'm glad I came

That's why Chyou gave a 316NOW Bible seminar to take a higher priority than her job.  She spent two full days studying the Book of Galatians with us, taking pages of notes and asking questions.  "I'm glad I came," she said.

Pray for Chyou

Pray that she will become part of the next generation of Christians who will lead many more to Jesus.  Pray that she will practice her hotel management skills in a way that countless souls will know that in our Father's house are many rooms (John 14:2).    

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Photo: Thanks to Vladimir Yietskiy, used by permission, 

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