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Seen a great light: Xaioping

Seen a great light: Xaioping

She was on the other side of the world.  I could only hear her voice.  But I could see the tears.  In my mind’s eye they slowly made their way down her cheeks.  She paused to dab them as they reached her chin.

Xiaoping had been an attentive student during the four months of my online class.  Now it was time to review her final assignment. The two of us, along the help of our translator, had just finished discussing it.

“I have learned more through this Bible institute than I imagined I could,” she said.  "I have been blessed beyond my dreams."

Xaioping is a leader in her congregation.  She regularly teaches Bible studies and shepherds some of Jesus’ sheep there.  

"Through my teachers here I have seen great light from God's Word,” she continued, “I thought I was too old to serve Jesus, but these classes have shown me many ways I can share the gospel with others.  Thank you, Pastor."

Now it was time for my eyes to tear over.  

The privilege to be part of that class had been mine.  God gave me the opportunity to share his Word with Christian leaders half a globe away.  God gave me the opportunity to get to know Christians who were hungry for his Word and grateful for his grace.  God gave me the opportunity to have an impact on the spread of his gospel in a dozen areas of China.

The privilege was mine.  But I hadn’t fully appreciated what the Spirit had given me.   Xaioping’s words brought it home.  The Spirit had used my teaching in a remarkable way to touch and transform the ministry of a dear believing sister.

Be part of 316NOW’s ministry of standing next to Christian leaders in China.  Pray for Xaioping and the hundreds of other students who attend our Bible institute.  Give a gift so this ministry continues.  

Photo: Thanks to Ding Zhou for the photo

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