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Welcome to 316NOW

A new name.  A new website.  A new look.

But our ministry and our mission are not new.  

Our ministry has served the Savior for a decade. Our mission is the commission Jesus gave his disciples 2,000 years ago: “Go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing… and teaching…” (Matthew 28:19,20).  

For 316NOW that disciple-making focus is sharply on the 1.4 billion souls in China.  We share God's grace there through Christian men and women the Spirit has already put in leadership positions in his Church.  We stand with them, encourage them, teach them, and become friends with them.  And we also learn from them ... from their zeal to learn from the Scriptures, their love for souls, their commitment to Jesus.

What to expect

This website is designed to keep you informed about the ways the Spirit is blessing our efforts.  

  • Regular blog posts tell the stories of the Christians we are privileged to work with... their struggles, their victories, their plans.  
  • Our site provides devotional articles.  Since 316NOW is committed to helping Chinese Christian leaders grow in the Scriptures, we could not imagine failing to help our American friends grow as well. 
  • You also provide news articles about China.  Our partners in America want to stay current on how the Lord’s guiding hand is at work in China.
  • We post to two social media sites (perhaps more in the future).   Be sure you link up with 316NOW on Facebook and Twitter.
  • Soon we will add a prayer list to provide you with petitions and thanksgivings to bring before the throne of the Lamb.  

You have a role

Explore our website.  Sign up for our newsletter.  Then let us know how we can improve.  Ask questions. Offer your comments. We want our website to be a conversation.  We are committed to continual improvement. You can help with that.

New stories and information will appear each week.  Come back often.  

And let your friends know where to find us.

Managing editor,

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