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Our online Bible studies: A student's testimony

Our online Bible studies: A student's testimony

I was in a hospital spending the night with my grandmother.  To my surprise and delight I discovered that the nurse who stayed with us was a Christian.  But I was sadden when she told me, “I’m so afraid of doing something wrong. I don’t want God to punish me.”

I tried to help her to understand our sins are completely forgiven.  “Because of Jesus,” I told her, “we don’t have to live with a sense of guilt.”

But she was not convinced.

Then God gave me a fantastic opportunity to learn more about his grace.  Once a week in 316NOW’s web class I was able to study systematically our Father’s promises in the Book of Romans.  And since the class took ten weeks, I had time to digest all that spiritual food.  The course not only answered my questions, it gave me more information to share with friends. 

I wish I could meet that nurse again. I would tell here, “In God’s law we find out how strict and tough a judge he is. The law makes it clear that no one can be saved by his own work.  But in the gospel we learn God's love offers his free gift of forgiveness in Jesus to everyone.  In Jesus he blesses us with his comfort and mercy.”