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316NOW students in a preaching contest

316NOW students in a preaching contest

Preaching competitions?  No, we don’t have that in our denomination.  But Chinese churches sponsor them.

One of our Bible institute students has told us, “Seven of my fellow Bible institute students from this area are participating in a preaching competition.  This contest is sponsored by the regional Christian council.  We are excited to do this because each of us took the sermon classes online with your professors.”

Our courses on preaching emphasize the importance of preachers doing deep study of a sermon text, logically outlining the truths they find there, and accurately presenting those truths in a way that listeners understand and can apply to their lives.  A major emphasis in all our courses, certainly including preaching, is helping our students to grasp and share the proper balance between the demands of God’s law and his gospel.   

“We will to use this opportunity to clearly present the teaching of law and gospel,” our student tells us.  “Through our sermons we will give glory to God for these truths that we have learned from our professors. Please pray for us.”

316NOW will report back to you on how our students were judged in this competition.