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316NOW’s new English program launches

316NOW’s new English program launches

316NOW’s English as a foreign language program has launched.  This program’s specially tailored materials allows teachers in the United States, who know no Chinese, to help students in China advance their fluency in English.  Better than that, our materials are based on Sunday school materials so our Chinese students learn about God’s grace in Jesus while they improve their English skills.

Our “pods” of students in China are designed for 4-6 students with an adult teaching assistant to meet each week with a teacher in the U.S.  The classes are online using Skype.

A teacher's reaction

One of our teachers wrote to the program’s director:

I just finished with my first class.  What FUN!!  The class was our teaching assistant , her 10 year old daughter, and a 20 year old who joined in at the last minute.  The 10 year old did amazingly well.  The older woman was much more reserved but with time she will come out of her shell. I can hardly wait until next week to see if more students join our little pod!  

Prayers Please

Please keep our English as a foreign language program in your prayers.  One of the things that makes this program exciting is that, once we learn how to make it work well, this program can be used any where in the world.

Would you like to teach in this program?  Email for more information.