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Graduation at Asia Lutheran Seminary

Graduation at Asia Lutheran Seminary

Wonderful news for the Lord's Church in East Asia!

Asia Lutheran Seminary (ALS) in Hong Kong reports that six men from East Asia were among 27 students who received a degree or certificate on Oct. 30.  This is the school’s seventh graduation since its establishment in 2005.

According to Dr. Steven Witte, ALS president, this is the first ALS graduation that includes pastors who do not live in Hong Kong. “These six students planted eight groups and five local churches during their student years,” he says. “Now they are no longer full-time workers and full-time students—just-full time workers. So things should pick up in terms of planting additional groups in East Asia.”

Ten men—including the six men from East Asia—received Master of Divinity degrees (which means that they are fully trained to serve as pastors); eight received Bachelor of Theology degrees. Others received degrees in Christian Studies as well as certificates for Greek and Hebrew.

Please join us at 316NOW in thanking the Lord of the Church for these special gifts.

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