Grace across China NOW

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God’s Word transforms

God’s Word transforms

    We spoke recently with the 316NOW leader who traveled in China for us during October and November. He especially noted the spiritual growth of the Bible institute students he met.

    “Our key translator and I visited 13 cities in 30 days. Our travel philosophy was different this year. Our focus was on our online Bible institute students rather than on spending time at Christian churches and schools.”
    “We learned to know many of our students more personally. As wonderful a communication device as the internet is, it can’t compare with sitting across a table from another person. I’m very grateful that I had the opportunity to spend personal time with a large cross-section of our students. Their enthusiasm and love for Jesus brought me great encouragement.”
    “I saw firsthand how much they had learned from us, but also how much the Word had changed them. We saw a heartening rise in the amount of financial support our students contributed for our visits. At almost every place we visited our students provided our meals and our lodging. In addition, entirely on their own, they insisted on giving money to support our general ministry. Our students appreciate the benefit they have received from 316NOW and want others to have the same benefits.”
    “This is another example of how God’s gift of his Son as our Savior transforms us into people who can’t stop themselves from giving.”