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A Christmas gift from China

A Christmas gift from China

One of the people who is essential to 316NOW’s ministry is a woman who wears a variety of hats (we’ll call her Tengfei). Among other responsibilities, she is the registrar for our online courses, our chief translator, the person who arranges our stops when our teachers visit in China, and a key consultant to our board of directors.  Tengfei lived in China until adulthood; she is now a naturalized citizen of the United States.

After helping our teachers with their fall trip to China, she stayed on to help several of the groups we work with there.  

Two days ago Tengfei wrote to our board of directors: 

I am thinking of you daily. 
First of all, our students give you a most sweet Christmas greeting in Jesus Christ.
The Christmas gift I am sending you is a really good news from 10  students who preached Advent sermons based on what they learned from our sermon courses. This was the first time these students were taught about  preaching based on the seasons of the church year. 
Three weeks ago, I heard Niu preaching in his fellowship.  I was so thankful for how he explained the deep meaning of Advent. 
What a wonderful Christmas gift!  
May you continually pray for them for their gospel preaching during the Christmas season.