Grace across China NOW

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God’s grace and greatness powerfully at work

God’s grace and greatness powerfully at work

Christians in China now have another source for solid Bible teaching.

In 1966 Northwestern Publishing House produced William Fischer’s book, Teaching Law and Gospel.  (Pastor Fischer was a WELS pastor and a synodical administrator.)  The original press run was probably only 1000-2000 copies.

But the Spirit had special plans for Pastor Fischer’s book. Over the last 50 years Christian teachers and lay people have found Fischer’s book a treasured resource. It continues to be available from NPH

Now the book has an international readership. A few years ago Teaching Law and Gospel was translated into Chinese. It is being used to train church leaders in China.  

The latest news is that the volume has become an audio book.  Voice of Salvation, a Christian media organization begun by the Norwegian Lutheran Mission (NLM) in Taiwan, has produced it. 

We suspect Pastor Fischer never imagined his book would still be sold after 50 years or that it would have an impact on the church in China. But the Spirit regularly accomplishes wondrous things with our efforts. For that we praise him. And we pray boldly for even greater blessings.