Grace across China NOW

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Powerful and effective

Powerful and effective

One of our 316NOW leaders has written:

How grateful I am for the love of Christians I’ve met in China.
Usually, when we think about 316NOW’s ministry, we think about the Christian church leaders we are helping in China.  But those church leaders are also helping us.  They have certainly helped me.
Many of our students have been praying for my full recovery from prostate cancer. For example at one church in China I have been on their prayer list for many months.  When they pray for me, these leaders are literally on their knees.
How happy I was to report to them that before Thanksgiving at my last visit with my radiation oncologist the doctor told me, “I don’t get to say this to many patients. There is no sign that any prostate cancer remains. You have a lot to be thankful for.”
Of course, I am not the only one to benefit from those prayers in China. Another of our regular 316NOW teachers has recently been diagnosed with cancer. Across China our Christian friends have added him to their prayer lists.  We joyfully await our Father’s answer to all the prayers – from around the world – ascending to his throne for our dear faculty member.


Even though we don’t name our faculty members (or the people we work with in China), you can pray for our cancer battling teacher.  Our Father will know the person about whom you are praying.