Grace across China NOW

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An unlikely place to witness

An unlikely place to witness

When our 316NOW teachers travel in China we always are accompanied by translators and assisted by local church leaders.  One of our translators shares this remembrance.

Witnessing in the mountains

On one of our trips a group of Christians we were teaching invited us to visit a village in the mountains. It was a new experience for me to go to a strange place to share gospel with people I didn’t know. I was excited but also a bit nervous about what could happen.  The woman who organized this trip filled our schedule for every day we were in this village. But we knew God was the actual planner because many unexpected things happened that gave us a joyful surprise.
One day we went out to tell farmers about Jesus. It was quite hot.  A lady on the street saw us and invited us to her house to drink some tea.  In China it is unusual for a stranger to insist that people on the street go to her house.  That made us hesitated for a while.  But we decided to follow her.  She led us to an apartment building so new that construction was still going on. We went to the second floor.  

An interruption

Pastor started to share the gospel with her. But she stopped him to say she had believed Buddha for many years. That gave us the opportunity to tell her the differences between Christianity and other religions.  But once again our conversation was interrupted.  This time when we heard someone coming up the stairs.  It was a Buddhist monk with prayer beads in his hands.

The first thought I had was that the devil was trying to stop us . But the lady didn't welcome him into her apartment.  Instead she commanded him to leave.  “He’s a liar,” she told us.  “He tries to cheat people of money.”

An eager heart

How differently she treated us. Though we were strangers, she acted like we were close friends. She served us honey tea.  And, best of all, she listened intently as we told her about Jesus, the true God . 

We don’t know how the Holy Spirit has used our witness.  But I continue to pray the gospel message works in her heart so she, too, will know and trust the true Savior.  And then, I pray, she will share her Savior with many more people.