Grace across China NOW

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Halfway through 15 Days of Prayer

Halfway through 15 Days of Prayer

Thank you

Thank you for the time you have spent in prayer for the gospel’s spread in China since last Monday and the beginning of China’s New Year/Spring Festival, as well as the beginning of our 15 Days of Prayer effort.

Keep your prayers focused

We are halfway through this premier Chinese holiday.  Here’s an idea for helping to focus your prayers during the final week of the 15 Days of Prayer effort.

Download our poster with random faces of Chinese people.  Click here.   Each day spend a moment peering into those faces. Consider that there is a 95% chance that each face belongs to someone who is not a Christian.  Consider that there is little chance that any of these people face life... and death... with the assurance that the God of grace stands with them.  Imagine how that impacts their hopes, dreams, fears, and concerns. Then talk with your Father about the 1.4 billion people in China.