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Students become teachers

Students become teachers

A nearby congregation asked a student of our Bible institute to lead a seminar on how Jesus’ Easter victory has freed us from the demands of the law and empowers us to live in the freedom of the gospel.  At the seminar would be a leaders from a dozen additional congregations.  

“I gently requested that unless they let me share what I learned from 316NOW’s Bible study course, I won't take their kind teaching invitation,” Qing told them.  The congregation agreed and our student agreed to be their seminar leader.  

The result

How did the seminar turn out?  “I was so surprised that people applauded after my sharing,” Qing said..  “The group’s comments were very positive.  ‘You clearly shared God’s truth with us.  This was the first time to hear this from the Scriptures.’”  Qing added, “This teaching experience was very encouraging to me.”  

This seminar took place in December.  Our student has now begun to teach another Christian group.  This one has over 20 members. 

Our Bible institute is reaching more and more

316NOW is not only interested in sharing Scripture truths with Christian leaders in China.  We want them to continue sharing what they have learned.  Thank God with us that our teaching is spreading from our teachers to our students and then to many more Christians in China.