Grace across China NOW

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A translator counts her blessings

A translator counts her blessings

When our 316NOW teachers travel in China we always are accompanied by translators and assisted by local church leaders.  One of our translators shares this remembrance.

I don’t remember how many times I followed American pastors to do their ministry work around China, just as I can't count how many blessings the Lord has given me. 

It's his mercy that I could make acquaintance with his great shepherds and work as their servant.

Pastor differences

They have different characters reflecting Jesus' humility. Some are like my father; I don't dare to be too naughty.  Others are like my big brother; I can talk with them about anything.  There is one who is just like my spiritual grandpa.  He spoiled me, even when I wasn’t on my best behavior. Everyone of them, however, has  been very knowledgeable about the Scriptures and work hard to share their knowledge. I love them all; I have learned much from each of them.

Personal blessings

I also love traveling with them on our ministry trips.  God has used those trips to teach me to rely on him every step of the journey.  I never spent so much time praying every day.  I have learned to ask God to remove my spiritual pride and the thorns in my life.  “Transform me into a gentle and humble servant,” I ask.  I have watched in amazement as God blessed each of us and made his work fruitful.  But it isn’t just our students who benefitted.  The pastors and I benefitted from seeing his amazing grace and mercy at work through us. May he prepare us for more ministry trips coming in future!