Grace across China NOW

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Eyes are opened

Eyes are opened

Each week about 130 students attend the 28 we are presently offering at our online Bible institute.  We teach any Christian church leaders who are willing to listen: pastors, staff ministers, lay leaders.

Seeing grace

Last Saturday (March 12) a new student in our course on properly using law and gospel realized that even though he is a pastor of a 3500 member church with years of experience, he has been failing to properly teach his members.   He admitted to the class that he has been using the law to coerce Christian behavior rather than the gospel’s sweet motivation.  

“Pray for my ministry,” he asked, “so that everything I say from now on is no longer law dominated, but always gospel centered.”

Seeking to share grace

The Spirit opened this man’s eyes to the remarkable freedom the gospel provides.  For the first time he saw his life bathed in the light of God’s love, not the coercion of the law.  There is no way he could keep that to himself.  

316NOW has had the humbling privilege of seeing the Spirit open the eyes of hundreds of Christian church leaders.  You and partners like you have made it possible for 316NOW to become the Spirit’s vehicle to bring the pure gospel to tens of thousands of believers in China. Praise God along with us for that.  And pray for this pastor and all our Bible institute students.