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A grandfather trusts the gospel

A grandfather trusts the gospel

Almost all of the interaction between our students in China and our 316NOW teachers here takes place over the internet. Below is part of a message string between one of 316NOW’s pastors and a student in China.  

Witnessing to older family members presents social barriers for Chinese Christians.  This young woman took some time before she found the courage to talk to her grandfather about the Savior she had found in Jesus.  But what a blessing she found the Spirit had waiting for her grandfather when she did speak with him.

JINHAI: Dear Pastor, I shared the gospel with my grandpa tonight.  He now believes that Jesus is his Savior!  He told my mother he will go to church starting next Sunday.  

PASTOR: Wow!  You are such a blessing to Jesus and to me.

JINHAI: I thought it's a good news so I needed to tell you.  I know you are always praying for us.

PASTOR: Yes, of course.  I love what you have done for your grandfather!  Jesus loves you.  I love you. 

JINHAI: At first, some time ago, I only gave him a Bible but didn't tell him the gospel. I tried to share the gospel with him many times.  I don't know why I never had the courage.   Now I am very happy after sharing the gospel with him.  Instead of just giving him a Bible, I have told him to read it more and more.  That way he’ll know God' Word and the blessings it gives.   God' s Word has such great power.
PASTOR: Yes, you are right.  The Holy Spirit works through the Word!

Perhaps you have people in your life who also need to hear how God has forgiven them completely in Jesus.  Perhaps you can learn about courageously sharing our faith from this Christian friend.  Perhaps the Spirit has the same kind of outcome ready for you to celebrate.