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316NOW’s Bible institute expands

316NOW’s Bible institute expands

Wonderful news!

The registrar for our online Bible institute reports that last week we kicked off two new courses.  One of the classes explores the differences between law and gospel. The other class teaches Christian leaders how to use law and gospel to do personal counseling.  

Between the two classes there are 23 students from a church in north central China.  Each one of  those students is a leader in their Christian church.  The classes start at 4:00p in the United States; in China class time is 5:00a.

More good news

There’s more good news: these classes are taught by a new faculty member.  Pastor Ed was introduced to our Bible institute by another pastor who is already part of our faculty.  Pastor Ed says, “I am very excited to be involved in this ministry.”

Our registrar asks for our prayers.  “Keep Pastor Ed and our new students in your prayers. Ask God to use these students to spread the pure gospel to many in their area.”  She also adds, 
“Last week, I connected with all of our students. They  wanted me to pass on their deep gratitude to all of our faculty.”