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A thank you note

A thank you note

We receive messages from our online students regularly.  Here is a thank you note that just arrived.  Most of our students are seasoned Christians and established leaders in their congregations.  But we also provide Bible studies to Christians who are new to the faith.

I am a new believer. I have so much to thank God for because he brought me into a spiritual home where I experience God’s great love and mercy. [316NOW's online Bible institute works with a number of leaders in this congregation.] God saved my soul. My heart is no longer wandering with fear and loneliness.
How happy I am to be God’s child.  And now I even have a chance to study the Bible with an American pastor. What I have learned from Pastor B. are wonderful teachings that I have never heard before.  I have received more blessings than I ever thought possible.  I am also deeply thankful for Pastor’s prayer for my sister who has been suffering from her painful illness.
Please pray for me to be a faithful follower of my dear Lord!

Please do pray for this new believer.  And for all of our online students, as well as the faculty and translators that serve them.