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The problem

The problem

One of our Bible institute teachers recently wrote to our institute administrators with a “problem” he is facing.

We have a very good "problem."  I am working with two young Chinese Christian men.  They are "on fire" for the Lord.   I need help caring for them.  But before I say more about that,  let me tell you how I met them.
Qiu, another new student, who was introduced to me by Hai, is studying a Bible basics course with me.  Qiu  introduced me to these young men, Zixin and Shirong.  They are new to Christianity and have joined our Bible basics class.  They met while working in India.  When they return to China, they have plans to involve still others in our study.  
My Bible basics class is growing larger than I can handle right now, especially because of the other responsibilities I’ve agreed to do.  In order to maintain the kind of personal relationship with our students that we strive for, I need to turn these adult students over to someone else.  Can anyone help with this?

What a wonderful ministry problem for 316NOW to have!  Please keep on praying that we have more problems like this ... and pray for the Spirit’s solution.