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An anniversary to celebrate

An anniversary to celebrate

A dedicated group of Christians that 316NOW works with in China recently celebrated their second anniversary.  One of the ways they marked the occasion was with a PowerPoint presentation that described the ways the Spirit has been at work through them.

To protect the security of these Christians we cannot show you their photographs, but we do want to share the joys they celebrated.

Celebrating landmarks

They pictured our American teachers and our translators who were there when they founded the group and who visited them over the next two years to provide additional training and encouragement.  They documented the growth of their group from the nine members present on their founding day to over 60 at worship for Christmas in 2015.

They pictured a number of the baptisms of adults and children.  They showed their outreach efforts to seniors, hospitals, and minorities.  They pictured other Christian groups they are mentoring, sharing with them the teachings they have received from our online faculty.  They shared photos of Christians gathering in worship for Christmas and other holidays. Their gatherings included choirs, liturgical dance, meals, and Bible studies.  And they described how the gospel continues to spread through the growing number of communities in which they are working.

God has used you

Your support of 316NOW has helped make this all possible.  On behalf of this group of Christians we gratefully say: Thank you for your prayers.  Thank you for your gifts.  Thank you for sharing the news about 316NOW’s ministry with other believers here in the U.S.

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