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Huge growth in 316NOW online students

Since Easter our online Bible institute has grown by almost 30 students, a 20% jump in enrollment.

A Chinese congregation of over 3500 members enrolled four students.  Another congregation enrolled 25 students!

The lead pastors of these congregations were instrumental in getting the leaders of their churches to enroll in our training.  Both of them met our American teachers when they traveled in China last fall. These pastors have also taken our online courses. 


We now offer 28 online classes a week.  We’ve found it a challenge to accommodate this growth.  For example, our course on the Gospel of John that started after Easter overflowed with students.  We had to break up the 30 students who registered for this class into two sections (we should have broken the students into three sections).   Then we prevailed upon our faculty member who was teaching this course on John to take both sections until we could find someone to handle the second section. 


Praise the Spirit for the powerful ways he has been answering our prayers and providing our Bible institute with increasing opportunities to build up leaders in Christian churches in China.  Ask that what those leaders learn from 316NOW is shared with still more Christians, as well as those who are not yet believers.  And pray that 316NOW finds funding and faculty to meet these opportunities.

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