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Our students transform into teachers

Our students transform into teachers

What a treasure Holy Communion is!

“Two our of Christian sisters broke down and cried,” one of our Bible institute students has written us about a class she is teaching on Lord’s Supper.

Bojing attended a workshop last fall in her city that was led by one of our 316NOW pastors.  She is now sharing what she learned.

"Last Friday evening,” she told us, “I shared with a group of Christians about Holy Communion. After sharing, two sisters broke down and cried, saying, ‘This is the first time we’ve been taught that Holy Communion is a form of the gospel.  In Communion Jesus gives the blessings of God's new covenant–forgiveness for all sins and intimate fellowship with him. The bread and cup is the real presence of  Lord, not a symbol and not a law commandment.’”

Bojing added, “I believe they will have different spiritual experience with Jesus Christ in this coming Sunday’s attendance at Holy Communion.”

So the Spirit works.  316NOW shares accurate teachings about God’s grace with Christian church leaders in China; they share with others what they have received.  And the celebration of God’s grace grows.

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