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This week: 316NOW writers’ workshop

This week: 316NOW writers’ workshop

“Our writers’ workshop will help 316NOW provide the Chinese church leaders we train the best materials we can offer.  In turn these Christians will use our materials to teach their members and many more leaders” (spoken by a 316NOW administrator).

Improving our courses

This evening (June 27) ten pastors, teachers, and Chinese advisors gather at Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary for a four day writers’ workshop that will produce ten new or revised courses for our Bible institute.  Our Bible institute’s teachers have learned much over the last years about how best to share God’s Word online to people living half a world away.  The workshop will enable us to incorporate what we’ve learned into our courses.

The writers will do their work with real students in mind.  For example, 
•    Qin who is a staff minister at a 1,000 member church in southern China.
•    Bolin who has little religious training but is leading a group of small but growing group of believers.
•    Mengyao, a busy pastor of a large congregation, who wants his church leaders to take classes with 316NOW.

For your prayers

Please offer your petitions that the Spirit’s direction, empowering, and insights infuse this week’s workshop.  Pray specifically for these five outcomes:
•    our materials are excellent in quality.
•    our materials meet the needs of our students.
•    our materials are Scripturally faithful.
•    our materials are educationally sound.
•    our materials are adaptable for capable students to use in equipping others.