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Heaven is our home

Heaven is our home

Last week’s Lutheran Women’s Missionary Society Convention enjoyed many excellent worship opportunities. At the closing service on Saturday, Pastor Dustin Blumer directed our attention to Revelation 21:15-21, an astounding and inviting portrait of heaven.

“I can’t wait to go there,” Pastor Blumer said.  “What about you?”  With a spontaneous “voice vote” worshipers agreed with him.

Living like heaven is our home

But then Pastor Blumer challenged us to think about all the ways we live as though earth, not heaven, is our home.  For me that meant considering:
•    the ways I put personal comfort above sharing the gospel with others.
•    the time I spend on entertainment rather than kingdom service.
•    the budget priorities that place pleasure over people.

What grace our God has shown us that his heaven has become our eternal home through Jesus!  There we will live with him and for him forever.  Fully embraced in his love.  In his perfection.  In his joy.  In his peace.

Living in expectation of heaven

So we live here in eager expectation of living there.  With priorities focused on our home to come, not our home here.  Giving precedence here to our relationship with him, to our living for him, to our proclamation of his gospel to others might have what already is ours.

Heaven is our home.