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A new program: English as a Foreign Language

A new program: English as a Foreign Language

One of our longtime 316NOW teachers has emailed update to a friend about a new program we are about to launch.  We thought you’d like to read his letter as well.

    As you know, I have had the privilege of making eight teaching trips to China and, God willing, will make a ninth later this year.  I am also able to teach four to six Skype Bible study classes a week with Chinese adults and now children.  
    316NOW is developing a new program to help Chinese children enhance their English skills.  The English materials for this program are Bible stories.
    We have been developing our lessons for over a year.  God has provided us with a team of knowledgeable experts who are helping us design the best courses possible.  Our plan is to have this program go into full swing by September.  
    Here’s an example of the ways these pilot classes have been working.  One of my classes started with two students, Anna and Hannah. Then  Helen joined us.  Just this past week Martha and Timothy joined us.  Today I got a Skype message from a Chinese family living in Albania that wants their child to join our class. 

You can sense the excitement  – and gratitude to God – this teacher has about our outreach efforts over Skype.  Please keep these classes in your prayers.  And look forward to hearing more from us about our English as a Foreign Language (EFL) program as it kicks off this fall.


P.S.: Currently, the teacher who wrote the letter above is traveling in China in order to recruit students for our EFL classes for this fall.  Please keep him in your prayers.