Grace across China NOW

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316NOW’s EFL Program is taking shape

316NOW’s EFL Program is taking shape

Seven Chinese cities visited in six weeks of June and July.

That was the itinerary for one of the leaders of our new English as a foreign language (EFL) program. 

“It’s hard to believe nearly six weeks have passed,” he wrote two days ago.  “It has been a whirlwind, an exciting adventure in your name and with his message.”

At the heart of this trip: People

This pastor criss-crossed China to put together the Chinese side of our online school that will open its doors this fall.  He spoke with Christians about how our program will help grade school aged children learn English and sought their help in gathering students.  He prepared teaching assistants to manage kitchens or living rooms that will serve as classrooms for our students.  

“There is much, much interest in our English classes,” he observed.  “I’ve found many potential assistant teachers and eager students.  I also realize we have a major task in front of us, but our God is greater and the help he gives is more than sufficient.”

316NOW's EFL program

Our English as a Foreign Language program will be taught by fellow Christians who live in the United States.  Assistants who live near our Chinese students will keep our young learners on task. Our materials are based on the best models for cross-cultural, online teaching of a foreign language.  Bible stories provide the literature foundation for those materials.  That allows us, not only to teach English, but to share the gospel.

Please continue to pray for 316NOW, for this EFL portion of our ministry, and for the 1.4 billion souls in China Jesus died to forgive.  Support 316NOW by tapping here.