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A 316NOW teacher’s joy

A 316NOW teacher’s joy

In this article one of 316NOW's faculty members shares about teaching Christian leaders in China.

There’s a special joy in teaching for 316NOW’s Bible institute.

I teach two classes with a total of 25 students.  They are leaders in their churches.  Everyone is in these classes because they want to serve Jesus and his people better.

Building trust with my students is important.  As their teacher I take to heart what their issues are.  We talk about them, pray about them, search God’s Word for solutions to them.  I am not just an instructor.  My role is to encourage these dear Christians, to be a friend to them.

I strive to show what a gospel motivated minister is like because in their church culture the law provides almost all of the motivation.  That leads to pastor burn-out because of the unrealistic expectations leaders place on themselves and their churches impose on them.

Much of my joy comes in seeing the transformation that happens in the lives and ministries of these Christian leaders when they discover that grace has set them free of the law’s unrelenting demands. How different they become when they realize God’s grace empowers them to serve with an eagerness and energy they had never before experienced.


Keep our faculty of 20 pastors and laypeople in your prayers. Ask the Spirit to help them clearly and consistently share the gospel's message of joy, peace, and power.