Grace across China NOW

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Deadly flooding in China

Deadly flooding in China

Here in the United States we have recently had 23 flood related deaths.  China has also experienced deaths from flooding.

On July 4th China reported that more than 180 people had been killed in flooding along the Yangtze River in China following torrential rain.

Exceptionally heavy rains

Between four and twenty inches of rain fell in seven provinces, and storms stretching 1,000 miles are swept across central and southern China.

At least 45 people are missing and 33 million are affected, officials say.

316NOW's students

316NOW has students in the areas affected by the storm.  There are no reports of significant loss from any of them.  For that we thank our Father.  

Tap here to see a video and photos of the storm's impact.

Reuters: Floods in China kill almost 130, wipe out crops [additional video]