Grace across China NOW

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Trained so others are trained

Trained so others are trained

Aiguo and Pengfei are friends.  They are Christians.  They live in a remote section of China. 100,000 Christians live in their area.  But well trained pastors are tragically absent.  God’s people there are sheep without shepherds.

Aiguo and Pengfei began attending 316NOW’s online Bible institute so they could better serve those Christians and help them share Jesus with hundreds of thousands more.

“They are inspiring students,” their Bible institute instructor says.  “Even though our classes run from 8:30 to 10:00p (or later), they attend faithfully. They are always prepared. They pay close attention in order to grasp the content of the studies.”

“That’s obvious because their prayers at the end of the lessons focus on the main points of what we talked about.  They ask for those blessings on themselves and everyone in the class.  Then they share  what they learned in their congregations. Luther’s Small Catechism has become the foundation for much of their teachings. Through them the gospel is reaching more souls in their far-off-the-path region.”

“They are shining examples of our Bible institute’s purpose: teaching the teachers.  We train Christian leaders in China so they can train others.”