Grace across China NOW

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Prayer support for our translators

Prayer support for our translators

Jian regularly helps 316NOW’s online classes as a translator.  Intelligent and well-educated, she not only speaks English well but understands the theological concepts our Bible institute faculty discusses online.  She is loving and generous with her time toward the students in our courses. She is a joy for our teachers to work with.

Translator challenges

But the Lord is allowing her to carry personal heartaches.  Her aging parents are Buddhists. They are pressuring her to forsake her career and community to move across China and care for them. 

Jian is married but her husband spends more time away from her because of his job than he spends with her.  He is a recent convert to Christianity who is not firmly grounded in his faith. They have no children and at 40 years old Jian does not consider that a possibility.

The group of a dozen or so believers that she has gathered does not have a pastor to personally care for them.  That is causing some spiritual struggles in her group.

Help our translators

Jian is not unlike a number of our translators.  These fine Christians provide our teaching ministry with essential service; without translators our online Bible institute could not exist.  But since they live in a culture that is only 10% Christian (perhaps even less), they face challenges to their Christian faith and service we American believers do not encounter.

Please spend time in prayer (why not right now?) for our translators, for God’s assistance as they bear up under their trials and challenges, and for their growth in gratitude for God’s grace in Jesus.