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Find my daughter a husband

Find my daughter a husband

“I’m not interested in Christianity unless your God finds my daughter a husband.”

A mother's challenge

That was the challenge the mother of one of 316NOW’s students set before our American teacher who was traveling in China a year ago. She was Buddhist.  Her daughter, we’ll call her Liu, had been sharing the good news about Jesus with her.  She was not convinced.

But this mother did have a concern about her daughter.  Liu was in her twenties but had not married. Liu had gotten much more finicky about what she was looking for in a husband since becoming a Christian. Liu wanted to marry another believer.

A cultural challenge

That was a problem.  To begin with China’s one-child policy had already limited the number of potential men any Chinese woman might marry.  But to locate a compatible Christian man when only 10 percent of the population is Christian adds more complication to finding a suitable spouse.

Hence the challenge: “I’m not interested in Christianity unless your God finds my daughter a husband.”

316NOW’s teacher added a Christian husband to his prayers for Liu and her mother.

No challenge for our God

This year when our teacher returned to China, he visited Liu again.  And he rejoiced with her that God had provided her a Christian husband.

Liu’s mother?  Apparently she has forgotten that she made that challenge to her daughter’s God.

But the Spirit is not turning away from her.  Now she has both a daughter and new son-in-law to witness to her.  More than that, now that you know her story, you can add your prayers that she comes to trust Jesus as her Savior.