Grace across China NOW

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A 20 block walk to class

A 20 block walk to class

“I was blown away by the dedication of my student.  I wonder if I would have done what he did.”

Such was the astonishment of one of our Bible institute teachers at the commitment of his student to the class he was teaching. 

Our internet connections with our Bible institute students in China can be fragile.  The more students we try to connect, the more fragile the connection.  In addition, the speed of internet connections in China tends to be slower and less stable than we are used to in the United States.

For that reason we usually appoint one of our students as the host for our classes.  If someone drops off the call, the host will attempt to reconnect them.

During a class our teacher was presenting, one of his students lost the connection to Skype.  He could not be reconnected.  Rather than losing out on the rest of the class, the man walked 20 blocks to the home of a classmate. That's a half an hour walk.

“I am impressed ... and humbled ... by the commitment of my Chinese students,” this pastor says. “They are a constant source of encouragement for me.”

We should also mention that these classes take place at 5:00 a.m. in China.