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China and U.S. united against North Korea threat

China and U.S. united against North Korea threat


That is the number of missiles North Korea has launched this year.  Pyongyang may only be  two or three years away from accurately reaching the continental U.S. with a nuclear-tipped missile.

Chinese business collusion

In light of that threat to world peace, the United States and China are targeting the finances of a sprawling Chinese conglomerate headed by a Communist Party member.  The Obama administration has uncovered evidence that the Hongxiang Industrial Development Company has played a role in aiding North Korea’s nuclear program.

Leaders meet

President Barack Obama and Chinese Premier Li Keqiang met on September 19 in New York on the sidelines of the U.N. General Assembly. The White House says they both condemned North Korea's recent nuclear test.

The White House says the two countries agreed to cooperate more aggressively in the U.N. Security Council and "in law enforcement channels" on the North Korea issue.

Law enforcement coordinates

Earlier this year the U.S. Department of Justice alerted Chinese officials to alleged evidence that the Chinese businesswoman and her companies had aided North Korea’s nuclear program and Pyongyang’s efforts to evade United Nations and Western sanctions.

According to government and corporate filings, Chinese authorities have frozen certain assets held by the company, its founder and top executive Ma Xiaohong, and some of her relatives and associates.  This is the most serious effort to date to pursue Chinese firms and business executives for their suspected role in supporting North Korea’s nuclear-weapons program.

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