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A two year old photo

A two year old photo

A 316NOW teacher shares

I remembered her smile.

I met Yun for the second time at a conference for graduates of an underground Chinese Bible school where 316NOW faculty had regularly taught when our teachers visited China. I met Yun for the first time two years before when she was a student at that Bible school.  

After graduation she had begun serving as a church’s staff minister. Now she was back for the conference. She seemed thrilled to see me again.

Bible school recollections

Over those two years my heart warmed every time I thought about being at her school.  I remembered the eager faces of the students, the youthful enthusiasm they brought to their studies, and their obvious dedication to their Savior.  

Some mornings their days would begin with school prayer at 5:00a.  They crammed into small dormitory rooms. They learned in poorly equipped classrooms.  They washed their clothes by hand outside. They traveled far from home to attend this school.  All so they could learn God’s Word and how best to share it with others.

A Bible school photo

Yun and I didn’t speak each others’ languages so we struggled to express our joy at seeing each other again. In the midst of our language struggles, Yun brought out her flip phone, paged to her photos, and held out an image for me to see.  

The picture was the two of us.  It was one of many pictures I was in that afternoon as students insisted on having their photo taken with the American teachers before we left.  It was a day that ended in tears in everyone’s eyes as our vans drove away.

A Bible school treasure 

For two years Yun had kept that picture of the two of us. In that Kodak moment both us of were smiling broadly, standing close, arms linked.  

I didn’t imagine how important she considered my days of teaching until I realized that for two years she refused to delete our photo.  

Yun is another example of the humbling blessing it is to teach God’s Word to Christian leaders in China. To see the treasure those leaders find in the Scripture truths and Christian love our 316NOW faculty shares.  To know the Spirit is using 316NOW’s ministry–my ministry– to grow his kingdom in a land that knows so little of his grace.

Thank you

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