Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY//A small group with big plans

MINISTRY//A small group with big plans

A small group of believers that 316NOW is working with in one of China’s cities is served by a leader who has no formal training as a pastor. He has taken no college courses and has not attended a seminary. But 316NOW’s online Bible institute has provided him with many courses in theology and pastoral practice.  We have mentors who work with this leader.

One of our U.S. mentors reported how this leader and his group have been developing a plan for their ministry this year. It includes short-term mission programs, as well as long-range ministry goals.  

“Of the fifteen members of this group, ten are students in 316NOW’s online study program. As part of their ministry plan, these students have committed to put what they have been learning into practice.  Fellowship leaders are encouraging every member to find their proper servant roles.  The plan is to involve everyone according to their personal gifts and their spiritual back ground.”

“We continue experience positive feedback like this from 316NOW’s courses and mentoring. All our web students came to us with urgent need to grow in biblically sound doctrine. Now they are pleased that through the Spirit and his Word they can confidently serve their Savior as they desire.”