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The Chinese New Year: A witness opportunity

The Chinese New Year: A witness opportunity

One of our leaders at 316NOW suggests this approach to the Chinese New Year.

Next Saturday, January 28, China will celebrate its New Year.
For China the New Year Holiday–and the Spring Festival Holiday that immediately follows it– is cause for immense celebration. It’s like our Christmas, New Years, Easter, Independence Day, and every family birthday rolled into one long festival.  (It is 15 days from start to finish.)

A witness opportunity

I have a next door neighbor who grew up in near Shanghai, China. This young woman is married to an American. They have a daughter who was born late last summer. Her parents are in the middle of a two month visit with them.  
My wife and I will to use the Chinese New Year as an opportunity to show we care about this family. We will give them freshly made Jiaozi dumplings from a topnotch Chinese restaurant (dumplings are traditional New Years fare in China). Tangerines and oranges also make a thoughtful gift. The Chinese word for tangerine sounds like luck and the word for orange sounds nearly identical to the word for gold. 
And for their little girl we will have a lai see, a red envelope with money in it.

Showing Christ-like love

It is our prayer that sensitively acknowledging this important Chinese holiday will provide opportunities to develop more of a relationship with this family and, eventually, inviting them into a relationship with Jesus.


You may know a Chinese family. Why not use the Chinese New Year as an opportunity to show them Jesus-like love? Continue to pray for them. Wait for an open door to share the gospel with them.

Also be sure to see information on 316NOW’s 15 Days of Prayer effort.  15 Days of Prayer urges us to pray for the spread of the gospel throughout China.  Tap here for more information