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MINISTRY// A day of baptisms

MINISTRY// A day of baptisms

316NOW teachers in China

During October 316NOW has three teams of faculty members who are traveling in China, They are visiting, teaching, and encouraging our current students, as well as recruiting more students for our online Bible institute. 

We can’t report on their activities until they return. But we can report on a morning of baptisms. This happened in late August while a pastor and his adult daughter traveled in China for our English as a foreign language program. (Tap here to read about about that program.)

A day of baptisms

Today we took a trip to the country to visit the family of a friend. Her mother, father, brother, and 97-year-old grandfather wanted to be baptized.  It was about a two hour drive.  

There are about 1000 people who live in their village.  When we arrived many family members were at the home.  

The children had never seen foreigners before so they were very shy and usually hid.  

A warm welcome

Our friend’s mother prepared a wonderful meal.  She was always smiling and so friendly.  No one spoke English but their smiles and hugs spoke loudly.  

Grandfather could not hear well but he was a very happy person and still able to get around well.  He was not shy and said he wanted to come and visit us in America!  

A baptism celebration

When it came time for the baptisms, I tried to say a prayer with brother. But his heart was so happy, he launched into his own prayer.  He could not stop talking about how happy his heart was about Jesus.  

Happy he should be. By baptism he and his family was assured a place in the family of God.

Prayers needed

Our current travelers are experiencing similar miracles of God’s grace. Please continue to pray for them, for their students, for their safety, and for the spread of the gospel.