Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// Pray for this Chinese church leader

MINISTRY// Pray for this Chinese church leader

316NOW requests your prayers for a dear friend of our ministry and is a key leader in her congregation in China. She has been sidelined for five months by five surgeries. 

Disabling pain

Qingshan (a pseudonym to protect her from Chinese internet monitors) has recently returned home after her fifth surgery. This procedure was on her spine. Qingshan's back problems were causing her excruciating pain. Her doctor told her that unless she had this surgery she risked paralysis. 

Unfortunately, Qingshan continues to experience harsh pain. Her doctor predicts her recovery will take at least six months. Of course, her slow recovery prohibits her from serving in her church.

Pray now

Please take a moment right now to pray for this church leader. She is a good friend of our ministry. She has invited our faculty members to teach in her church. Through her encouragement more than twenty other leaders in her church are now students in our online Bible institute. 

Thank you