Grace across China NOW

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MINISTRY// Don’t visit us

MINISTRY// Don’t visit us

“We were looking forward to visiting with them, but they told us we dare not meet.”

A price for speaking about Christian values

That’s what one of our 316NOW professors who traveled for us in China earlier this month said about a Christian couple they planned to visit. In September this couple was detained for several days by local police. They had spoken publicly against the government’s restrictions on Christianity. 

Now the government monitors their phone calls, tracks their movements, and has assigned plainclothes officers to keep track of the people they associate with. This oversight will continue for the foreseeable future.

Prayers for Chinese Christians

They got word to our professors through a mutual friend. “It would not be good for you or us to meet right now,” they said. “But please keep us in your prayers.”

Sometimes in China faith in Jesus comes at a cost. Please pray that this couple finds growing comfort and strength in the Savior’s cross. And pray for all the believers in China who are harassed because of their faith. Ask that, through their witness, many more are exposed to God’s grace and are brought to faith in Jesus.